Do Re Me Creative was born of a belief that creativity is good for the soul and good for the world. 

In a digital-driven, peer-led, want-it-now consumer geared marketplace there's a lot of noise, so creativity matters - now more than ever. 

So we cut through the clutter to create the conversation with the people you're trying to reach.

Whether its designing dynamic public programs, enlivening retail spaces, delivering workshops or telling compelling brand stories that make people stop, we harness creativity to bring you big ideas, bold content, ballsy activations and innovative, market leading, thought changing approaches that cultivate authentic connections.

Call it building an urban village, harnessing culture or just starting a connection with a community you can call your own. We get creative, and we seriously love collaboration. 

It's all about the C words. Call us to chat.


  • Creativity

  • community

  • connection

  • culture

  • collaboration

  • conversation