Our work takes us all sortsa places and into the spaces of all sortsa people.
But our best work is done when our passion and purpose collide, when we find a project that almost propels itself, and when we harness the art of storytelling and its capacity to ignite change.



For those of you who know me in the real, you'd know who I am, where I'm at, and my take on girls in the world.

You'd also know that as a Mum to four awesome daughters, princess-ery, damsel in distress-ery, Barbie-ery, anti-STEM-ery, chattel-ry, tradition-ery and any sniff of 'gender disablement' is disallowed in our casa. 

Because truth be told, we don't do a lot of weeping, sweeping or role keeping in this house. 

This is because the gender of my offspring has never been a determinant of their capabilities, possibilities and opportunities. My daughters are humans in the world, and frankly, the world awaits their (hopefully awesome) human doings. #watchthisspace! 

Except for the small fact, of course, that the world that awaits them has a forcefield of cultural, institutional and organisational gender barriers that will close many doors before my girls can step through them and test their worth. 

And except, of course, that only 1 in 4 IT graduates and 1 in 10 engineering graduates are women.

And except, even after all these years, it looks like we've still got a long way to go, babies, before diversity, parity and gender equality is anywhere near reached in the boardrooms, businesses and backwaters of this country. 

Last month’s Australian Government Workplace Gender Equality Report threw up some startling stats worth ogling:

  • The full-time average hourly earnings for women are 13.9% less than men’s full-time average hourly earnings.
  • The gender pay gap in ASX 200 organisations is 28.7%.
  • Average graduate salaries for women are 9.4% less than for men of equal qualification and experience.
  • Average superannuation balances for women at retirement are 52.8% less than those for men.
  • One-quarter (25.1%) of Agency reporting organisations have no key management personnel who are women.
  • Women hold 14.2% of chair positions, 23.6% of directorships, and represent just 15.4% of CEOs in Agency reporting organisations.

I could go on. But you get the drift. 

Clearly, there’s some serious work to do.

Closing the gender gap, enabling workplace meritocracies, changing workplace culture and cultivating a new tribe of female leaders is going to take a seismic generational shift. And this change won’t happen unless change happens.


So we’ve been working on it. 

This year, at the University of Melbourne's Wade Institute, alongside my Co-Founder and fellow Master of Entrepreneurship colleague Edwina Kolomanski, we’ve been quietly understanding and building out an ecosystem to ensure girls in the world get what they need to step into the future.

It’s called GirledWorld.

And what we do is inspire, empower, educate and activate girls to help them build their futures by giving them real world experiences inside startups, alongside leading entrepreneurs, and immersed in businesses where they can learn as they go. 

This is stuff that schools can't teach. 

And it's what will take today's girls into an uncertain future equipped with the mindsets, skill-sets, tech-cred and personal capabilities to make a disproportionate difference to the world.

With innovation, entrepreneurship, diversity and female leadership firmly on the agenda right now, we think it’s time to build the future for girls from the bottom up. And that for Australia’s startup ecosystem to reach its future full potential, today's girls need to lean in, step up and make tomorrow's mark.

So we’ve partnered with some of Melbourne’s leading female business people, business organisations and startup co-work spaces including One Roof Women, Collective Campus and depo8, who are all working with us to connect and prepare the next generation of female entrepreneurs via work experience placements, experiential learning opportunities, mini internships and tertiary and startup pathway programs.

Supporting accelerators and incubators including LaunchVic, Startup Victoria, MAP, the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship and the University of Melbourne, we are partnering with businesses big and small and working to make Victoria the destination for entrepreneurial cultivation, opportunity creation and a new generation of female leaders.

All of this, we think, will start to shape the change we need to see.


Our mission is simple.

GirledWorld will:

  • Get girls to step up into STEM and entrepreneurship by building connections with professional mentors, career advisors, leading universities and educational institutions. 
  • Educate, inspire and encourage girls and women to participate in startups, entrepreneurial activities and innovation career pathways
  • Offer experiential learning opportunities, mentoring events and innovation education to girls and women to increase participation of girls and women in the innovation ecosystem
  • Cultivate female leadership capabilities for application in key industry, business and government sectors through mentoring, education and events
  • Build a value-creating network of experienced female business mentors who will work with us to inspire, connect and prepare the next generation of female leaders and entrepreneurs

If you'd like to join our partnerships and pathways program or register to be part of our summer 2017 cohort please get in touch at hello@girledworld.com 

The future starts here.

A University of Melbourne Wade Institute startup, boldly changing the world, one girl at a time.


2016 is going to be a big year. There's a lot on the go - some awesomely exciting collaborations, ace creative projects and all the usual colour and community of Do Re Me Creative activations and events all over town.

A new hat I'm putting on in 2016 is to play my part in a cohort elected to form the City Of Port Phillip Toward Zero Community Forum - a two-year think tank which will shape how Council and the community address our biggest environmental challenges such as reducing greenhouse gas, water usage and waste toward 2020.

The group was set up in December 2015 to work with Council on ways to address the community targets in the City of Port Phillip's Toward Zero Sustainable Environment Strategy. We're a heady mix of professionals with varied backgrounds in behaviour change, stakeholder engagement,  academia, social policy, community action groups, not-for-profits, social enterprises and environmental groups. 

There are some big challenges ahead of us but we've got some purpose-driven, passionate people at the table, so I'm looking forward to seeing what we can achieve collectively.

Examples of the community targets in the Toward Zero Strategy include:

50% reduction of community greenhouse gas by 2020
50% reduction in community potable water use by 2020
75% reduction in community waste to landfill by 2020

Jump over to the news pages of my site to read more about TOWARD ZERO and watch this space for updates as the year rolls out. Here's hoping we can make change matter.

Madeleine Grummet is an appointed community member of the City Of Port Phillip Toward Zero Community Forum 2015-2018.


Just off the back of the WildWon Purpose 2015 conference in Sydney and have come away buzzing with stories enough to know that transformative change is indeed alive and kicking in the village. And the village is full of the purpose, people and power that will drive the tribe out from the fires to chase down the change that needs to happen in the business world right now. 

I'm a big believer in tribe. Always have been. It's what started Do Re Me Creative all those years ago. Our motivations for connection, for culture, for community and collective purpose are primitive at heart, and always will be. So not surprising then that if you drill down into the Why? that led most of the amazing people into the Purpose room over the last two days, it was usually because they wanted to find a tribe who speak their language, who embed the Why? in their work and their work in the Why?, and who, as Sarah Fortuna said, align the values of the heart with the head. 

I won't try to lasso all of Purpose here. But I will say the takeaways were crunchy and very filling. Reinventing business models, shifting entrenched corporate cultures to broader cross-sectoral conscious capitalism frameworks, and rewriting the roles of brands and organisations to be purpose-driven is happening now, but it will happen more when we connect in the real and start the conversations that matter. 

Purpose 2015 started this conversation. Loudly. Over the last two days I had and heard a lot of conversations between people who solve problems rather than cause them. People who work within traditional markets but anchor and align their values elsewhere. And people who act for profit but have a healthy enough dose of heart that they get and deliver what the world actually needs. It's kinda about being human in business, about keeping it real and all that, which we somehow seemed to forget along the capitalist way. 

As Audette Excel of Adara said, "Purpose is a privilege - we need to use it wisely". If we can harness the collective power of the good and incentivise community to create systemic shifts in the status quo, we can reimagine the business scapes of the future world. It's these transformations, transmutations, innovations and not-yet-invented iterations of decentralised business models that will ignite the behavioural and attitudinal shifts needed to spark a new world of business and the way we do it. 

It may sound lofty, pontifical, the stuff of wonder. But what does all it all boil down to?  To doing and being something bigger than your day to day. To creating culture, community, and catalysts for collaboration under conditions of uncertainly. To finding your tribe, beating a drum and starting some good. And this can only happen when you start to have real conversations in the real world in real time. 

Yes, we're all busy. And yes, the river's flowing fast. Default mindsets and old school operations are easy fall backs when you can't stop to find the still. But change is about our choice-making, and in the end our choices make us. Make them good ones. To name all the individual awesomeness that brought Purpose to life would eat up too much of this space. But congratulations to Sally Hill and Yvonne Lee for their big vision and deep humanity which sparked the fire of Purpose (plus the phenomenal @wildwon crew and magical lineup of change makers they fed us). Purpose 2015 was indeed a privilege.



Fellow journalists, serial talkers, raconteurs and good mates Madeleine Grummet + Mignon Stewart have joined forces to harness and capture the female zeitgeist for Wise Women - a collaborative creative publishing project launching in 2017.

We've been travelling all over the country chatting with, amassing wisdom from, and understanding what matters to some of the most amazing female leaders, writers, artists, politicians, celebrities and trailblazers of our times.

We look forward to sharing their stories with you shortly. #watchthisspace #wisewomeniscoming 



10Fold Foundation

The 10-Fold Foundation has been developed by a cohort of Masters students at Swinburne in Melbourne. Part of the school of Business + Law (Master of Social Investment + Philanthropy) this experiential giving unit will see the Foundation conduct an end-to-end grant cycle. 

MISSION: The foundation seeks to assist charitable organisations that specifically help disadvantaged; women, women and their children; or girls in Victoria.
PRIORITIES: We fund capacity building activities to support organisations that provide opportunities for Victorian women and children living with disadvantage. We will fund any capital, operational or program activity. However successful grant applicants must be able to demonstrate how the spending of the grant funds on their activity will have positive impact on the organisations work. The 10-Fold Foundation will award the grant in November 2015.

Madeleine Grummet is one of the inaugural directors of this Foundation in the Strategic Philanthropy + Grantmaking Swinburne Masters program.



Space2b is an art and design based social enterprise established to support newly arrived migrants and refugees to become financially independent through creative enterprise, workplace training and business mentoring.
The business provides:

  • An opportunity for newly arrived migrants to build on their traditional skills and knowledge,  gain confidence and take their first steps on the path to financial independence.
  • A place where local designers and newly arrived migrants can come together to acquire business and creative skills, build relationships and make connections.
  • A training centre to build creative, business and English-language skills.
  • A platform for independent designers to develop their business, their products, and to showcase, promote and sell their work.

UPCOMING EVENT: Space2b presents NOW MOVING FORWARD with Julian Burnside, Abe Nouk + Ee'da (October 2015)

Madeleine Grummet continues to provide pro bono consultancy to Space2b on brand strategy, communications, events and corporate partnerships. 



Out Doors Inc. is a non-profit statewide community managed mental health organisation that uses the outdoor environment as the means of delivering a range of adventure, recreation and respite programs to people living with a mental illness.

These opportunities support our view that people learn best by “doing” and everyone has a right to adventure, excitement and exhilaration. Out Doors Inc is opposed to stigma and discrimination and believes that all people have the right to make choices. As a result, programs focus on ability rather than illness or disability and it is believed that everyone can reach their potential through this positive and holistic approach.

Out Doors Inc ensures that all of its programs are conducted in a safe manner and provides opportunities for participants to challenge themselves at a level at which they feel comfortable. Out Doors Inc approach to mental illness and its framework has gained interest from various organisations from Canada, UK and Holland where delegates from these countries visited Out Doors Inc.’s programs and activities. Out Doors Inc has over 24 years of experience in developing programs in the natural environment for people living with a mental illness.

Do Re Me Creative supports Out Doors Inc across their program delivery, donating a percentage of our annual profits.


In 2011 School Council approved the establishment of EPS Green Space – A Sustainable and Environmental Learning Centre at Elsternwick Primary School in Melbourne, which was concepted and presented to council by EPS Environmental Subcommitee members Madeleine Grummet and Fiona Poletti.

Direct and match funding for the establishment of the project was raised through the school’s annual Parent Party (2011), and the successful Pledge A Picket and Purchase A Tree initiatives (whereby families purchased coloured fence pickets to be engraved with children's names, or bought a tree which was donated to the orchard), both of which proved to be incredibly successful funding models.

Green Space was constructed at whole school voluntary working bee weekends in March 2012, led by an expert parent team, and was completed in May 2012. The outdoor learning environment comprises a flourishing orchard and gardening space, areas for whole classes to congregate in an outdoor classroom, and four resident chickens (a low-cost, reclaimed timber chicken coop was constructed on the site in Term 4, 2012).

Green Space plays an integral role in supporting the school curriculum by providing real and practical experience for all students in the ‘green arena’ – an increasingly relevant and progressive aspect of current day teaching and learning. Curriculum linkage occurs via Green Space Inquiry Blogs such as JSM’s ongoing orchard “tree adoption” and growth monitoring project. A large number of classes have also instigated projects which include visiting and understanding the orchard – planting, nutrition, watering, seasonal changes and pruning – which has led to a broader educational framework based around awareness of sustainable practice and outcomes.

EPS Green Space is also an important project in positioning EPS as a leader in sustainable schools, particularly in the Bayside locale. One of the visions is for EPS to invite other local schools and preschools to be part of this practical learning experience, with EPS student mentoring and collaboration.

The practical learning experience extends across the grade levels and incorporates design, planting, watering, soil testing, pruning, harvesting produce, measuring growth, life cycles through the seasons, understanding and connecting with food sources, renewable energy and more. EPS has also established planter beds in the Prep/1/2 and 3/4 areas, which are regularly prepared and planted by students, and the Grade 1/2 Garden To Table Inquiry Unit continues to enable students to fully understand the critical role that food plays in our physical and social wellbeing. Green Space bolsters this critical understanding as its many trees flourish and fruit and provide produce for the Garden To Table unit.

EPS's selection by Cool Australia as one of the first state primary schools to link their Science & Sustainability VELS learning modules with their curriculum has been beneficial in exchanging learnings through guest speakers and linkage across existing inquiry units. Green Space has become a lead school for sustainable environmental education in the Bayside area.

IMAGES: Nikole Ramsay for www.thegracetales.com  (June 2015) 

IMAGES: Nikole Ramsay for www.thegracetales.com  (June 2015)