To our great surprise we made the cover feature of this month's Modern Home magazine! Back in March, we picked our undies up off the floor, gave the place a spit and polish and opened our doors to the ace @modernhomemagazine crew who cleverly captured our colourful midcentury casa's best angles.󾓯

Thanks to Nicole England for her beautiful photography and the styling and editorial crew for the 12-page feature and interview. It's all super sparkly, a great story, and we feel like we're living in a magazine!

Except we're not. 

Because I've gotta say looking at all that gloss that a picture tells only a thousand words but it's the rest of the story that matters more. 

On the surface the stories of our lives may be jammed with big colour, perfectly placed green drinks, sun-drenched travel, glistening workouts, champagne throw rugs and uber-fabulous happy shiny social feeds, but in reality there are always hard human stories playing out, too. 

We may smile our selfie smiles, angle our faces so they don't carry shadow, edit our lives within an inch of themselves and only put our best selves forward, but I reckon the pictures we don't see matter just as much.

Because we have a bunch of beautiful people very close to us suffering badly right now. So I feel compelled to both stand back from our bloody great glossy good fortune and acknowledge it, but also to reassert that all is never as it seems.

We have plenty, while billions of others do not. We may have space and endless comforts, while some have nada. We may have each other, our health, our sanity, our means, and abundant love, but there's also the dark side of human life stuff happening every day around us, with dementia, death, cancer, depression, destruction, addiction and random acts of injustice, terror and nature tumbling into orbit and throwing ours, and others, lives relentlessly, indelibly and chaotically sideways.

This is not new, of course. Or earth-shattering. Or unusual. And it won't make social fodder. 

But just putting it out there because in light of horrific current world events, recent illness, trauma, death and the hard, raw stuff of everyday living playing out in our lives and those of others near and far, perfect homes, sparkly styling and glossy social feeds don't matter a bit. 

What matters are the real lives being lived, the stories not told, and how we're managing ourselves, our kin, our choice-making, and our commitment to making a real difference to those around us who need us most. Amen ;) Mx