I've long been fuelled by purpose. Coupled with good people.

So I'm thrilled to be working across Partnerships & Engagement with the talented game-changers and impact entrepreneurs at YGAP this year - part of my Master of Entrepreneurship at Melbourne University's Wade Institute. 

YGAP is an exceptional entrepreneurial business quietly going about changing the world in multiple modes and rockstar ways. 

Driving and backing profitable social ventures, YGAP initiatives to date include Richmond's cult farm-to-fork 'Feast of Merit' restaurant and bar space, the 5 cent campaign collecting small change to drive big change in access to education for children, the high profile Polished Man innovative fundraising campaign challenging men to end violence against children and ambassadored by Michael Klim, Josh Gibson and Tony Richardson, plus scores of other life-changing impact initiatives out in the field driven by fundraising efforts to fuel their work.

It's awesome stuff, spearheaded by YGAP CEO + co-founder Eliot Costello, whose simple and searing belief is that a world without poverty is possible; where everyone receives a quality education, earns a fair wage and lives in a good home. 

YGAP set out to change lives. And it does - all the time.

In 2015, YGAP merged with Spark* International, shifting its impact model and joining forces to empower impact entrepreneurs around the world with local solutions to local problems. The Spark* accelerator impact model and startup pipeline is now a world leader - click through to read more on Spark's latest initiatives, including these just released powerful rockstar impact entrepreneur documentaries. The stories are compelling, and speak for themselves.

I'll keep you updated on the incredible work of YGAP and Spark* out in the field throughout 2016. In the meantime, please consider donating to the current 5 cent campaign, volunteering your time/skill, or attending the upcoming Art For Change unique exhibition at YGAP's new Richmond event space Feast Of Merit Next Door, which this year will not only showcase selected works from Australia's renowned and established local contemporary artists but will also feature work from top students across the country - Australia's future generation of leading artists. 

YGAP is on a mission to back 1,000 entrepreneurs and change one million lives by 2018. I look forward to playing a part in that. And hope you will, too.

Best, Madeleine