Proud, purpose-fuelled and privileged to be part of the Fenton & Fenton Peace Of Art Exhibition 2016. 

Peace Of Art is a biennial online art auction showcasing the works of 100 of Australia's coveted emerging artists, with 100% of proceeds benefiting School's A Gift - an Australian not-for-profit organisation that helps children living in poverty by working towards building schools in remote parts of Ethiopia.

In 2014 Fenton & Fenton raised more than $100,000 for @schoolsagift and the funds have since been used to construct a new secondary school in a remote region where previously no secondary schools have existed.

The founder, Georgina Fenton, with the help of her fab sister Lucy, said so far the charity has managed to enable over 1500 children in remote areas of Ethiopia access to secondary education with more than half of them being girls. This is transformative, life-changing work, and work that we at girledworld dig deeply.

This year Fenton & Fenton aim to surpass the figure raised from the last event which will enable @schoolsagift to continue their work in improving the livelihoods of children living in rural Ethiopia.

Artists this year include @antoinetteferwerda @anyapaintface @armellehabib @barbarakitallides @beciorpin @emmalipscombe_ @jaivasicek @merciperci @laurablythman @madeleine_stamer @mwestonart @taisnaith @b_a_k_e_s__b_a_k_e_s @peachesandkeen and more.

Good for your walls. Good for the world. Get on it.
Online auction now open. Be nimble. Be quick.

Madeleine Grummet
Co-founder girledworld
'Dazzle Deep'