I can't help but see the world through a prism this morning.

This was pinned to the wall of one of my four daughters classrooms.

It's a series of questions and inquiries about light.

I thought I'd answer a few of the questions.



Does the sun turn off?

Yes it does. It can. It did. One dark, divided day in 2016.


How are the lights made?

The lights are made when strong people see something in the dark, so they stand up, and then something awesome starts to shine out of them and it makes your eyes hurt.


Why do we need light?

We need it because without it, we'll stay in the dark ages. And we don't want that. Lots of bad stuff happens there.


I wonder what happens when you shine different lights on objects?

Well, usually, you get to see right through them - if they're transparent. If they're not, it's sometimes hard to make sense of what you're looking at.


How many different things create light?

Light can come from the most surprising places.

A famous man called Mr Leonard Cohen once said: "There is a crack / a crack in everything / that's what lets the light in."

And a famous woman called Maya Angelou once said: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?' Actually, who are you not to be?”


I wonder if light can go through glass.

I wonder too. I believe it can. If there's enough of it. If all across the world you got lots of light at the same time. Then yes. The big glass ceiling would break.


Can you change the colour of fire?

No my darlings. Fire is orange.


I wonder what that room would look like if we turned the lights on?

I don't think we'll do that. It's a bit scary in there. Let's wait til your older. And then you can turn on every light you see. Go nuts.


Can you make electricity from the sun?

Yes. Indeed you can. The sun's amazing. The sun gets to get up every day, yawn, look down and say WTF? What happened down there?!

Look! There is a crack. A crack in everything. (That's how the light gets in).


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POST SCRIPT: After publishing this earlier today I have since learned and it has been officially confirmed that Leonard Cohen has died today, aged 82. 

Cohen was rare, cherished, and a visionary. 

A gifted Canadian poet, songwriter, novelist and artist, he became, and will remain, an international legend. 

He once famously said: "I wish the women would hurry up and take over."

We will.

Together with the good men amongst us.

One day very soon.

#RIP #leonardcohen


POST POST SCRIPT: This article expresses the opinion of Madeleine Grummet, Co-Founder of girledworld, and mother of four daughters.

It was written at a moment in time. A moment when the world was left momentarily wondering.

The bigger story is that Madeleine believes the future is bright, will be full of light, and will be full of girls who step up and women who lead.

girledworld looks forward to playing a part in this.