I 💛 waking up to this sassy tousled power chick every morning (thanks to the magnificent hand of #LuisaRossitto 🎨) She makes me think of every creative woman I know who is backing herself, taking life by the reins and going for it!👊

Working in the creative world takes guts, strength, stamina and a certain faith in your imagination - that it will keep giving, reeling, racing, settling, musing, making - that you can keep on plumbing its depths and creative goodness will come.

Part of that goodness comes, of course, from the world around you and how you take it in (then put it out creatively) but I reckon the real gold comes from creative collaboration, where you discover your creativity anew via a shared vision, a joint project, fused forms. 

So this TUESDAY MUSEDAY is dedicated to all the world's creative women.
Keep doing what you do. KEEP PUSHING. Keep collaborating. KEEP MAKING.
Put on a yellow dress, harness your creative power and RIDE.
#creativitymatters 🐎 #madeleinegrummet #doremecreative 

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