👊 Pumped to add my purchasing support to The Design Files for their inaugural Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Fundraiser Exhibition which opens July 25 @ TDF Collingwood in Melbourne. (And doubly thrilled to have nabbed this ace mid-century inspired original 'A Stroll In Harajuku' by Stephen Baker) - my Tokyo hood once upon a time so I simply had to have it ;)

Stacks of ACE AUSTRALIAN CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS have donated their time/talents/work for the TDF show with all funds raised going directly to @asrc1 - Australia's biggest advocacy, aid & health body protecting, supporting and empowering people seeking asylum - entirely funded by philanthropic and partner donations. 

Jump on www.thedesignfiles.net for full details on the @asrc1 ART auction and ADD YOUR DOLLARS to the drive. Congrats to TDF for harnessing their powers for the greater good. 👏Mx

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