Taking Flight - Making A Change

Writing this from a Tuscan hilltop in Italy on a sun-drenched morning, watching the green carpets roll across the mountains that hem us in. Incredible place. A world away from the winter we have temporarily left behind. We have started our own nudist colony. Population: 6.

I've been doing lots of creative whipping + snipping (al fresco with Aperol spritz in hand) but am now running low on collage materials here in the hills. Having just devoured the latest issue of @collectivehub poolside, I was so inspired by the pith within the pages I cut it up for keeps. ✂️ (See collage above).

I am lucky enough to love and live my work. Creativity, connection, community, culture - having a crack - these are the things that circle in my daily life and work. But I meet lots of people who have a misalignment between what they do for a living and what gives them purpose or meaning. They want to make a change, make a difference, but they simply can't chart the course.

The Collective magazine is a great kickstarter. It captures the spirit of the chase, the stepping stones, the creative movers, shakers and drivers that underpin so much of the entrepreneurial zest. 

What most change-makers seem to share is a belief in possibility, in thinking beyond comfort zones, in taking small risks that push you out a bit beyond the safes. Of course it can be scary, but a little fear can also be a galvanizing force - something to push against.

Making a change is about having the courage to find your wings and take flight, certain of nothing but open to everything - that way, you'll never stagnate but soar with possibility.

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