Just off the back of the WildWon Purpose 2015 conference in Sydney and have come away buzzing with stories enough to know that transformative change is indeed alive and kicking in the village. And the village is full of the purpose, people and power that will drive the tribe out from the fires to chase down the change that needs to happen in the business world right now. 

I'm a big believer in tribe. Always have been. Our motivations for connection, for culture, for community and collective purpose are primitive at heart, and always will be. So not surprising then that if you drill down into the Why? that led most of the amazing people into the Purpose room over the last two days, it was usually because they wanted to find a tribe who speak their language, who embed the Why? in their work and their work in the Why?, and who, as Sarah Fortuna said, align the values of the heart with the head. 

I won't try to lasso all of Purpose here. But I will say the takeaways were crunchy and very filling. Reinventing business models, shifting entrenched corporate cultures to broader cross-sectoral conscious capitalism frameworks, and rewriting the roles of brands and organisations to be purpose-driven is happening now, but it will happen more when we connect in the real and start the conversations that matter. 

Purpose 2015 started this conversation. Loudly. Over the last two days I had and heard a lot of conversations between people who solve problems rather than cause them. People who work within traditional markets but anchor and align their values elsewhere. And people who act for profit but have a healthy enough dose of heart that they get and deliver what the world actually needs. It's kinda about being human in business, about keeping it real and all that, which we somehow seemed to forget along the capitalist way. 

As Audette Excel of Adara said, "Purpose is a privilege - we need to use it wisely". If we can harness the collective power of the good and incentivise community to create systemic shifts in the status quo, we can reimagine the business scapes of the future world. It's these transformations, transmutations, innovations and not-yet-invented iterations of decentralised business models that will ignite the behavioural and attitudinal shifts needed to spark a new world of business and the way we do it. 

It may sound lofty, pontifical, the stuff of wonder. But what does all it all boil down to?  To doing and being something bigger than your day to day. To creating culture, community, and catalysts for collaboration under conditions of uncertainly. To finding your tribe, beating a drum and starting some good. And this can only happen when you start to have real conversations in the real world in real time. 

Yes, we're all busy. And yes, the river's flowing fast. Default mindsets and old school operations are easy fall backs when you can't stop to find the still. But change is about our choice-making, and in the end our choices make us. Make them good ones. To name all the individual awesomeness that brought Purpose to life would eat up too much of this space. But congratulations to Sally Hill and Yvonne Lee for their big vision and deep humanity which sparked the fire of Purpose (plus the phenomenal @wildwon crew and magical lineup of change makers they fed us). Purpose 2015 was indeed a privilege. 

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