Collage by Madeleine Grummet 

Collage by Madeleine Grummet 

Just because the jacarandas are out, and I can't go past that purple without wanting it in my life, I stole some on the way home from the truly talented Tamara Maynes' truly beautiful 'The Maker' book launch tonight, and stuck it down here. 

I stuck it on Stella because she was there, and because for all her early easy fame, she built her brand on the scaffold that is her strong-hearted, big-on-talent, know-her-own-mind, against-the-tide kinda stance - the kinda stance and tenacity and vision that the kinda women in the Establishment Studios possessed tonight. 

Women who are carving it out creatively, punting from project to project, growing as they go, but seriously blooming along the way. In case you hadn't checked in lately, Melbourne is chock-full of AMAZINGLY creative women: Women who take risks, who back themselves, who plant seeds, climb trees, dig deep, rise above, find themselves in different foliage over and over again, and find a way to thrive. 

Women like Tamara who is not only now an author, plus crafter, creative director, maker, stylist and all-round exceptional perfectionist at whatever creatively comes her way, but is also a warm, wise, earthed, wonderful woman who we are thrilled to have as part of our Wise Women Project 2016.

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Filled with 274 pages of gasp-worthy photography by Eve Wilson, innovative design by Tracy Lines, and words, styling and project inspiration by Tamara Maynes, The Maker takes you beyond decorating to the crafting of a soulful, unique space to call our own, and to call home.

CONGRATS to Tamara Maynes (@tamaramaynes) and Eve Wilson (@evegwilson) on a beautiful project that has abundant blooms within. 👏

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