We've come a long way, baby.
My grandmother is in this 1941 issue of Women's Weekly Magazine, captured in the social roundup pages on her wedding day (found yesterday in a forgotten corner of the house I grew up in). The caption simply reads 'Mr Bill Langtry and his bride'. No name. Set place. Set face.

I didn't know her then but I knew her later, very well, and Mabel 'Buggins' Murray was in the real a sassy, strong, life force of a woman who didn't have it all but had enough, and did as much as she could within the context and constraints of the time in which she lived and loved. It wasn't easy. But she mainly mustered grace, empathy, wisdom and a cracking sense of humour. She danced in her wheelchair at our 21sts.

It's women like Buggins that shape us. They shape our ideas of what it means to be a woman, a wife, a worker, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a leader, a friend. They're our point of reference and point of retreat, our source of female wisdom and our go-to for what matters, depending on the day, depending on the tide, with all their faults and foibles. 

Mentors come in many guises. We each have our own. So lately, I've been chatting to lots of mentors, women who are living big or bold or brave, women who are sharing truths, enlightening, empowering and engaging other women, women who are carving out their own story. It's powerful stuff. 

And you'll get to share in it next year as the WISE WOMEN project takes shape.
We have an incredible bunch of women contributing their words and wisdom to this project - women like Kate Holden, Megan Morton, Robyn Holt, Sushi Das, Tamara Maynes, Mele-Ane Havea and more.

If you have some wisdom to share, join us in putting it out there #wisewomen
We look forward to sharing the journey with you. M+Mxx

A collaborative, creative storytelling project by Madeleine Grummet + Mignon Stewart.
Watch this space.

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