I find myself in the midst of a both chaotic and cathartic declutter. I haven't done it in an age. 
It's an interesting process of picking up, putting down, holding close and letting go. 
The @garagesaletrail looms large.

I found a huge collection of these shells at the back of a dark cupboard. Each has its own story, it's own place in time. I don't know how they became relegated to that place of darkness, because they were chanced upon and collected and treasured in sandy places of light and wellness and utter joy. Funny how life's own tides wash our treasures out of sight, replaced by the next thing, the next moment, the next milestone, in our mindless, relentless accumulation of STUFF.

Or is that just me?

I've been dipping in and out of world-acclaimed @newyorktimes best-seller The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art Of Decluttering & Organising by Marie Kondo. 

Kondo's theory is that by simplifying, storing by category, and ultimately drastically shedding your possessions, your relationship with the stuff in your life changes irrevocably. 
More than that, Kondo asks you to make a rational value assessment of your stuff. Does it spark joy? Or not. If not, thank it for its place in your life and let it go. For good.

Ultimately it's about dispossessing yourself of your material shackles, but also about creating space - in your home, and in your head. And I've gotta say IT FEELS GOOD.

Come and get some of that goodness at my @garagesaletrail
Saturday OCTOBER 24! (50% of proceeds go to Outdoors Inc Australia which provides mentoring and physical empowerment outdoors for people living with mental health conditions.

@garagesaletrail is powered by over 150 councils with more than 10,000 garage sales happening across the country on that day. This not-for-profit mission is doing BRILLIANT stuff to promote reuse, reduce landfill, create sustainability awareness + work hand in hand with government to inspire social and environmental change. 👊